Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga has smart technology that makes our lives easier. These features make it easy to park your car and use technology that you generally cannot do without, like your smartphone. The intuitive SYNC 31 is smart and easy to use and has hands free power tailgate which opens and closes with just a wave of your foot under the bumper. Chances are if you need to put things in the boot, your hands must be full already. It even adjusts to the height of your garage.

​The upgraded SYNC 33 system connects you to the world effortlessly. It has enhanced technology like voice recognition software, and you can even make hands free calls easily, listen to text messages and play your favourite music. It has an 8” touchscreen with a redesigned interface and intuitive functions like pinch to zoom. These features make life much simpler. You don’t need to stress about parallel parking or vertical parking anymore. The First Enhanced Park Assist helps you find a parking spot and it helps to steer you in. it even helps you get out of the parking while you shift the gears, accelerate or even brake.

​The Kuga’s system of Next-generation airbags will ensure that you and your loved ones experience increased levels of protection. The front has driver and passenger airbags and the side airbags are mounted to the seat. There is even an airbag for the driver’s knees. The side curtain airbags ensure that the people at the front and back are protected. The Kuga has a 4-star safety rating which is excellent for your peace of mind. The car has a cruise control mode which is great when taking the open road, however, when you face traffic, the Kuga cruise control will adapt. When it senses that the traffic is slowing down, it slows and when the traffic clears, it goes back to the present speed.

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